The Apollon Ladies CSR Program is a new program started in the 2023-24 football season to increase corporate social responsibility through a 4-pillar program. These pillars were carefully designed to cover a large platform of community,
environmental, and charitable factors.


The vision for the ALFC CSR Program is for Apollon Ladies FC to become a club more involved in the community through our 4-Pillar program.


  • Spread awareness of women’s
    football through local outreach
  • Support the local community
    through charity projects.
  • Cooperate with other clubs to
    create a greater impact
  • Help the environment through
    projects and sustainability

4-Pillar Program

The Apollon Ladies FC CSR Strategic Plan operates with a 4-Pillar program. These pillars include Local Outreach, Charity Program, Environmental, and Club Collaboration Network.

Charity Program

Pillar One

Community involvement through small group activities.

We aim to reach as many different charities possible by working in small groups of players to help achieve a closer bond and teach our players about the country of Cyprus while they play and live here.

Pillar Two

Teaching young girls to love football.

Getting involved with the children of Cyprus to bring awareness of women’s football and the Apollon Ladies name.

Local Outreach


Pillar 3

Zero Plastic/Zero CO2 Emission goals. Collaboration with local projects to help improve the local environment in Cyprus.

We have a goal at Apollon Ladies to be a zero plastic waste team. We are attempting to eliminate all use of plastic bottles at our games and trainings and use high quality insulated
bottles for our players.

We are also working to become a Zero Emission team by planting trees to offset the amount of Co2 emissions created while flying players to and from Cyprus, as well as any flights taken with the team for UWCL Competitions.

Pillar Four

A Team of Teams.

Create a group of like- minded team members who have interests in supporting the environment, under-privileged persons, and making the world a better place.

Club Collaboration Network

Interested in working with us?

Send us an email at [email protected] to see how we can work together.